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What Is The Reseller Program?

The reseller program is designed to train and certify individuals and organizations to implement and support businesses using our Storefront Solution. Getting into the program is absolutely FREE!

Who can become a reseller?

Any individual or business supporting Small, medium and informal retail businesses can become a reseller for Storefront by KudiGo.

Reseller Training Videos

We have put together these training videos to help you learn and understand how the storefront solution works. After watching and practicing with these videos, you will be able to undertake the test to become a certified reseller.

General Storefront Setup - Video Tutorials Certification 01

As a reseller you are required to complete this tutorial and undertake the certification test before becoming a KudiGO Storefront Reseller

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Frequently Asked Questions

The KudiGO Storefront Reseller Program offers you an opportunity to grow your business and revenue by offering value added solution to retail businesses across Africa. There are over 10 million retail businesses who are keen to use software to grow their business. By becoming a Storefront reseller, you will benefit from our robust training program, you will earn commission on software sales (beginning from $25 per user), you will also earn additional income from implementing the solution to these clients (as high as USD $350 per deployment); thus for each storefront you successfully deploy to a client, your potential earnings can be USD $450.00.

Storefront is a retail software designed and built to run on android devices. What this means is any device running on android phones tablets etc can be used to operate the storefront system. There are POS (point of sale devices) which run on android; we offer our own POS (point of sale devices) which can be used to run the software solution as well as accept all POS transaction from the storefront application on the POS. Giving you the one-stop device and software for everything retail and payments.

KudiGO is a retail software company which offers a combination of retail-tech, fintech and data solutions for consumer retail in Africa. To ensure compliance with regulations for financial transactions, we partner with certified payment processors to faciliate the processing of payment on our platforms;

As a reseller, you are offered a unique pricing which gives you a competitive advantage and an edge to acquire more customers. When you sell the the software, you are allowed to charged up to 2X the total solution cost as implementation fee payable by your customer. This ensures that the customer gets value for money and you the reseller gets compensated favourably for your services.